Connecting Cards to Bank Account(s)

Once you've added your current cards to your wallet, you can accurately calculate your earned rewards by connecting them to their respective bank(s). If you prefer not to connect you cards now, you can click on "Continue to Setup Profile" at the bottom of the browser window. 

1. Click on the "Connect Issuer" badge to set up the connection process:

2. You will be prompted to put in your bank username and password:


3. Click the "Link Card" button to complete the connection process. Important: you must complete this step in order to connect your banks. 

Once you've connected your cards to their respective banks, you will be prompted to take a short quiz so that WalletBoost can accurately recommend the best card for you based on your goals and preferences.

A Note About Security:

Your information is protected with bank level security. We have most major banks in our system. If you can't locate your bank provider, please contact us. If you are having trouble logging into your bank through WalletBoost, please visit your bank and ensure you can log in on their site. Some banks are not supported. If you're still having trouble, send us a note

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