Why Wallaby Recommends One Card over Another

Wallaby uses a complex algorithm to determine which card it recommends during each transaction. Reward values vary from program to program, and not all points are valued equally. To read more about how we calculate points and rewards, please read our blog post.

To better explain how Wallaby recommends specific cards, let's look at a specific example. Let's say you visit a grocery store with these three credit cards in your wallet:

Starwood Preferred Guest Card - 1 Starwood point per dollar spent
Citi Platinum Select/AAdvantage Signature Card - 1 AAdvantage mile per dollar spent
Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Card - 3 Honors points per dollar spent

In this instance, Wallaby recommends using the Starwood Preferred Guest Card over the other two cards. Why does it make that decision when you can get 3 Honors points? The Wallaby algorithm determines that 1 Starwood point has a higher value than 1 AAvantage mile or 3 Honors points. Here is how we value each reward unit (as of this article's composition):
  • Starwood points - $0.024 each
  • AAdvantage miles - $0.0209 each
  • Hilton Honors points - $0.0049 each

As you can see, the Starpoint is worth more than either 1 AAdvantage Mile ($0.024 > $0.0209), and 3 Honors points ($0.024 > $0.0147).  We think that point values are often confusing or misleading and that a critical part of helping you get the most from your cards is to determine these values for you based on data. We take a scientific approach to point valuation.

If you disagree with the value we assign to cards in Wallaby, you can make adjustments to your personal preferences two ways to better suit your needs:
  1. Change your Reward Values
  2. Rearrange your Card Preferences

Once you have changed the reward value for your card, the app will override its own determinations in favor of yours. In the case of a tie between card values, the app will favor the one you have prioritized higher in your wallet. Please keep in mind that you cannot change the cash back amount on any cards.

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