Using Wallaby for Chrome

After you've installed Wallaby for Chrome, you can maximize your rewards right away for online purchases.

When you log into the Wallaby Chrome extension, you’ll now be able to authenticate your account with Google Sign-In, your email address, or your phone number.  

If you choose your email address or phone number, you’ll receive a verification e-mail or text from us that will allow you to complete the sign-in process.  Make sure you pick an existing account (e.g. if you never told us your phone number, you can’t just add it now).

If you use Google Sign-In, click on the account you’d like to use with Wallaby. You can tap on an existing account or add an account. 

Note: if you choose a different Gmail address than the one you already used to create your Wallaby account, you’ll end up with two Wallaby accounts. Unless you want to make another Wallaby account, make sure your Wallaby account e-mail matches your Google account!

You will receive a message to authenticate your account via Google Sign-in:

Once your account is authenticated, navigate to a website to purchase something. Click on the Wallaby badge in the upper right hand corner. The best card recommendation will appear:

You can click through to see the other cards in your Wallaby wallet, along with the reward details for each card:




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