Signing In and Out

When you log into the Wallaby Chrome extension, you can authenticate your account with Google Sign-In, your email address, or your phone number.  

​Logging into Wallaby for Chrome with Your E-Mail or Phone Number

If you choose your email address or phone number when you log in, you’ll receive a verification e-mail or text from us that will allow you to complete the sign-in process.  Make sure you pick an existing account (e.g. if you never told us your phone number, you can’t just add it now).

If you signed in with your email address, the verification email you'll receive from Wallaby Financial looks like this:

If you signed in with your phone number, the verification text you will receive will look like this:

Type the verification number into the box to complete the process.

Logging into Wallaby for Chrome with Google Sign-In

If you choose to log on with Google Sign-In, click on the account you’d like to use with Wallaby. You can tap on an existing account or add an account. 

Note: if you choose a different Gmail address than the one you already used to create your Wallaby account, you’ll end up with two Wallaby accounts. Unless you want to make another Wallaby account, make sure your Wallaby account e-mail matches your Google account!

Next, grant permission to Google and Wallaby Financial:

Once you've done that, you're ready to start saving on online purchases! 

Signing Out

To sign out, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the Wallaby Chrome extension box:

After you've clicked on three dots, click on "Sign Out" from the drop down menu:

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