Best Card Recipes

Wallaby Card Recipes help customize the way you earn credit card rewards and manage your credit. You can now customize the best card recipe you'd like to use within Wallaby for Chrome. We have five recipes from which to choose:
  • Wallaby Smart Choice:  a smart mix of rewards, credit limit and cash flow management
  • Maximize Rewards: the card with the most rewards, no matter what
  • Minimize Interest: minimizing your interest fees and avoid maxing out your credit
  • Maximize Cash Flow: the card with the longest time to pay new charges
  • My Smart Choice: maximize rewards plus any user overrides for "Don't Use Card" or "Credit Utilization" limit

In Wallaby for Chrome, the Maximize Rewards card recipe is set by default for new users. Unlock all five recipes by making sure your cards are linked to their respective banks. If you want to link your banks, head to WalletBoost or link them inside the Wallaby app.

Here's what it looks like if you haven't linked your cards. Notice that only the Maximize Rewards recipe is available:

If you already use Wallaby for iOS, Chrome will honor the card recipe you have in place. You can change the recipe at any time by toggling to the one you’d like to use for recommendations:


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