Adding and Linking Banks

You can add and connect a bank through the Wallaby app. By logging in with your bank details, Wallaby can provide you with more accurate preferences for picking the best card, as well as these other features:
  • Automatically track spend in bonus categories and know when you’ve hit the limit
  • Track overall spending to know when your earning rate increases with certain cards
  • Allow you to specify when not to use a card, based on credit available or statement closing date
  • Calculated earned and missed rewards with detail about which card you should've used to maximize rewards
  • Track sign-up bonuses
  • Monitor suspicious transactions
How to Link Banks

Tap on Wallet from the Main Menu. 

From the Wallet screen, tap on Accounts.

You will receive a message that you have no linked banks if you haven't connected any yet. To add a bank, tap on Add a Bank for iOS users, or the + sign in the bottom right hand corner for Android users.

You will see a list of issuers that are available. We have over 600 banks in our system. To search, scroll through the popular ones listed or start typing the name of your bank in the search bar.

Once you've selected your bank, you will be directed to log into your issuer with your bank username and password.

After signing into your bank inside the app, you will be asked match your bank to a card in your wallet.

After your card has been linked to your account, Wallaby will begin to download your transactional data.
 Banks that you have linked will show up as a list, alongside the credit cards in your wallet.

If you type in your financial institution and it is not listed in our database, tap on Account Missing. 

Fill in the name of the bank and tap on Submit. 

We will add your bank within two business days. We currently only support U.S. issuers. 

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